What we provide you with?

Quik Video enables car dealers to make and send personalized videos to their customers "Quickly." The technician simply sends your customer a Quik Video from the workshop, directly to their email and phone, and provide them visual proof of the recommendations you are making. By doing so you will empower your customers to say YES to the repairs first time and change your MPI identified work into MPI sold work.

It is important that you not only send videos to consumers whose vehicles need repairs, but also to those consumers whose vehicles need no repairs. 

By doing so you increase credibility, build trust and rapport. Your customers find themselves in a comfort zone so they keep coming back to you.


RESULT: Move your MPI sold work ratio from below 22% to over 70%, increase your workshop revenue,
CSI scores and customer retention.

What does it mean to you and to your customers?

The Customer receives the video link via text message and email. Customer just clicks on the link to see the "Personalized Video" that your technician or salesperson has prepared for them. Your technician or salesperson will create an immediate connection with the customer — and your dealership has provided a "Wow" moment in customer service. Your existing customer, or potential new cutomers, will become a more profitable customer for your dealership.
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Why is Quik Video so effective?

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